Quick Ways To Open Windows Powershell On Windows 10

1 minute read

In this article, I will share quick ways on how you can easily open Powershell on Windows 10.

1. Open Powershell through Windows Run Dialog

Hold down the Windows logo key and press R on your keyboard(Win + R). it will open the Run dialog. Type powershell and click ok, and Powershell will open.

run powershell

If you want to run Powershell as an administrator, type powershell in the Run dialog, and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

2. Open Powershell from Windows Start Menu Context

You can easily open the start menu context by holding the Windows logo key and then pressing X on the keyboard(Win + X). Clicking Windows Powershell on the context menu will open Powershell.

Another way is right-clicking on the start menu button which also opens the start menu context where you can open Powershell.

start menu context

3. Open Powershell by Searching

Open Windows search bar and type pow or power or powershell and on the search results, click on Windows Powershell.

search powershell

4. Open Powershell from the Start Menu

Open the start menu and go to all apps. Scroll down to the apps starting with the letter W. You will find a folder named Windows Powershell. When you expand the folder, tap on Windows Powershell.

start menu

5. Open Powershell in a Specific Location in File Explorer

Open Windows File Explorer and type powershell in the address bar and then press enter on the keyboard. Wait for a few seconds for Powershell to open.

Powershell will open in the folder/directory location.

start menu

6. Open Powershell in a Specific Location using the File Explorer Menu Bar

Open Windows File Explorer and press Alt, and then F and lastly R (Alt, F, R) and Powershell will open.

Note: Don’t hold Alt, F, R together. Press each key after the other.

Another option is to open Windows File Explorer and then click on the File menu and select Open Windows Powershell.

start menu

If you know other easy ways of opening Powershell on Windows, please share them in the comments.